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IQRF Wireless Voting System


Students have opportunity to work with iQRF technology at Brno University of Technology (BUT) – Faculty of Information Technology (FIT). For example, it is possible to register and work on diploma thesis that deals with iQRF. One of such thesis named Wireless Voting System (WiVoS) has been successfully defended by its author Ing. David Slezák. The work has been supervised by dr. Pavol Korček from the same university.




His thesis deals with designing and implementation of complete solution for wireless voting system based on the IQRF technology. At the beginning of the work, the thesis describes mentioned IQRF technology and compares its features with others available wireless technologies. Then, architecture and communication protocol of the proposed system is described more in detail. Wireless voting system consists of one device connected to computer which collects data from other voting stations. The core of the thesis is in the design and implementation of these components and in the design and implementation of control application for the computer. In conclusion of the thesis, the achievements and possible improvements were briefly discussed. Thesis can be found at:




WiVoS has been rapidly prototyped using TR-52DC modules with AN-06 antennas. Then, whole system has been tested in several conditions and on many simulated and real votings. Employing system in real conditions gives very positive feedback from users – in this time voters and organizers of polls. Thesis shows that also at university it is possible to work on practical issues and with high-end technology, such IQRF is.



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