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Three security levels in new IQRF OS 4.0

16 March 2017

Currently, security in the area of IoT is a frequent topic of many discussions. Security is now more important than ever before. Our computers and smartphones are very vulnerable despite all kinds of advanced antivirus and security applications. But what about devices in the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is still a very young technology area that is not protected well yet. The company MICRORISC, author of the IQRF wireless technology, understands this and works on many ideas how to continually improve the security of its technology and devices built on it.

The next big update of the IQRF operating system, the IQRF OS 4.0 will be released on March 23rd and will be mainly focused on the security. The update will bring for example the AES-128 encryption protocol, which provides security at three different levels – access encryption, networking encryption and user encryption.


Access encryption

Access encryption is used to secure all sensitive OTA network operations. It is used for bonding and only authorized devices and users with valid Access password can join the network or to maintain network devices. CATS services, network backup and restore use Access encryption.

All sensitive data exchanged during bonding, such as network password, NID and Node address are transferred encrypted with access encryption.


Network encryption

AES-128 with 16 B long keys and additional proprietary CDC (Cipher Data chaining) algorithm is used for Networking encryption. Every TR transceiver is equipped with a 192 b long unique fully random password individually generated at the factory. The 128 b long keys in given network are derived from the password of the Coordinator. The password is passed to Nodes securely, while bonding, encrypted by Access encryption.


User encryption

Besides protection of network communication, there is an optional way to increase privacy by adding another encryption shield to hide user's payload data (either networking or non-networking) or to enhance network protection. User encryption is fully under user's control. It utilizes User key specified by the user. User encryption and/or decryption can optionally be performed outside TR transceivers which allows to hide user's data not only when OTA transferred but also outside IQRF platform.


More news about IQRF OS 4.0 coming soon.


Online webinar - registration is running

CZ language - 30th March, 2017 - 10:00 to 11:30

EN language - 30th March, 2017 - 13:00 to 14:30


IQRF OS 4.0 security layers

The IQRF Alliance has a new member – Dazzle Light Europe

16 March 2017

We are very pleased to announce that the company Dazzle Light Europe decided to join the IQRF Alliance.

Dazzle Light Europe, Ltd. is a Bulgarian company, founded in the town of Sofia, in 2016. The company is focused on LED-lighting technologies, representing a fully complete business process - starting from design and engineering, trough the production and delivery of LED lighting products for public and industrial use.

Dazzle Light offers more than 20 models of LED lamps suitable for industrial and public areas. The company aims for efficiency and power and cost savings which can be achieved by implementing the IQRF wireless technology. The IQRF data transceivers can read various parameters (current, temperature, etc.) from the light and thus optimize lighting management.

The IQRF Alliance sees opportunities on both sides. Dazzle Light Europe will be able to provide customers with intelligent lighting solution based on the IQRF technology and the IQRF Alliance will be able to manage the cooperation between Dazzle Light and other members to ensure the most efficient way to bring high quality solutions on the market in the shortest possible time.


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Visit two important IoT events in 8 days!

10 March 2017

IoT TechExpo - Europe’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) event will return to Berlin for its 2nd annual event on the 1-2nd June, where it will host 4,000 attendees and explore the entire IoT ecosystem. There will be 6 conference tracks, with 200+ industry leading speakers discussing their real-life use-cases of IoT/M2M technology and solutions, attracting C-Level Executives from across the board.

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For the chance to get 20% off:


Thomas Blades | +44 739 710 1013 | +44 117 980 9023 | |


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Enjoy city of Berlin and then move to beautiful spring Prague to the IQRF Summit 2017.


IQRF Summit 2017 – 7-8 June, Prague

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Come to discover IQRF Ecosystem that will enable you to quickly develop, manufacture, promote and deploy your wireless IoT product. Get inspired, find new business opportunities, learn technical features, talk to top professionals, touch real IoT products and solutions.

IQRF Alliance and partners invite you at a two-day summit where you can expect more than 30 interactive presentations and 12 hands-on workshops from the IoT field. You will find here real examples from areas of smart cities, smart buildings and homes, industry, security and transportation.


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Ivona Spurna | +420 777 775 735 |

IQRF Alliance is the partner of the IoT Tech Expo Europe -


O2 IT Services wants to improve the air quality at schools. Prague students will test the project.

06 March 2017

O2 IT Services (O2 ITS), a subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic, is launching together with several partners the pilot project Smart City “Environment – Healthy school” in the area of air quality measurements. O2 ITS is attracting an attention to the issue of the optimal environment at schools and its impact on health and the focus of students and teachers. The project was launched in February this year and will last several months.

Testing operation takes place at Smíchovská Secondary School (SSPŠ), which is due to its structure and location ideal for testing in harsh city environment and dense urban traffic. Another advantage is that it is a technically oriented school that wants to use the results of measurements in the context of vocational education.

"We would like to use the project 'Healthy School' to open a discussion about quality of urban environment and its impact on our health. We believe that innovative technologies can significantly contribute to its improvement," said Václav Provazník, Managing Director of O2 IT Services.

"By participating in the project, we expect not only to improve the quality of indoor environment for our students and school staff, but we also appreciate the possibility of involving students in measurements and experiments. Practical experience with new technologies, which can students obtain thanks to O2 ITS, are the most valuable," added Radko Sáblík, the director of SSPŠ.


How does it work

The subject of the pilot project are long-term measurements of the internal environment in selected classrooms and the external environment beyond the walls of the school in the direction to the street and the courtyard. The ten classes are equipped with sensors that continuously measure the level of contamination of indoor air by the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the air, the relative humidity and the temperature. There are also two sensors placed at the school to measure the level of external air pollution via dust particles. Finally, there are several places in front of the school windows, where the noise is measured as well. There will be many experiments during the pilot project to verify impact of those actions on changes of the internal environment at the school.

Individual sensors transmit 24 hour a day real time data (temperature, CO2 levels, humidity, etc.) to an internal O2 ITS system, which make it possible to track the current climate in classrooms at any time. At the same time, selected students record specific information about events in the classroom, e.g. time or number of students. Thanks to this data it will be possible to analyse in detail the results of measurements and provide specific recommendations.


Project benefits

After the end of the pilot project, O2 IT Services will perform an analysis together with other partners of the project. This analysis will describe a relationship between the level of pollution of internal and external environment and specific situations at the school. The analysis will help to prepare individual steps how to control different situations in the area of environment during the time when students and teachers are in the building. Another benefit is the verification of the technology and determining the required number of components for smart environmental management in buildings.


Project partners

The project includes following technology companies that deal with the environment and smart city:


PROTRONIX s.r.o. - provided the sensors to monitor indoor air quality. The sensor measures the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) at a resolution of up to 5000 ppm, temperature and relative humidity.

CAMEA, spol. s r.o. – installed two sensors on the school building in the direction to street and courtyard for fully automatic monitoring of external air pollution, the sensors measure dust particles and the concentration of carbon monoxide (CO) in the air and also temperature, humidity and air pressure.

IQRF Alliance s.r.o. - linked various industrial partners and academic institutions utilizing the IQRF wireless technology as a communication platform. Companies O2, Protronix and MICRORISC are the members of the IQRF Alliance.

MICRORISC s.r.o. – provided the IQRF data transceivers forming a transmission system that ensures wireless transmission of sensor data.

Ochrana životního prostředí, s.r.o. - performs accredited measurements. Provided a sound sensor for the project that will continuously measure and record the equivalent sound pressure level at various places in front of the school windows.


More on and


About O2 IT Services

O2 IT Services, a 100% subsidiary and a member of the O2 Czech Republic a.s. group, is an expert in information technology. The portfolio consists of IT/business consulting, system integration, application development and managed services development, operation services and optimization of IT and IT security solutions.

O2 IT Services appropriately combines standardized solutions for IT products and customized solutions. Thanks to the use of standardized building block of IT services they are not only easily adaptable to customer requirements, but also repeatable – without need to build new solution from scratch. Customers of O2 IT Services always receive the optimal model, which brings them a significant added value, increasing their effectiveness and enables them to dynamically adapt to changing needs.

New security features of IQRF OS 4.0 at SECURITY 2017 conference

01 March 2017

Ivona Spurná, IQRF Smart School manager, visited the SECURITY 2017 conference where she presented new security features of the IQRF OS 4.0. More than 25 experts not only from the Czech Republic but also abroad.

Security is the key for high quality IoT solution. Developers from MICRORISC know that and they make everything to provide customers using the IQRF wireless technology with the latest security features on the market. Upcoming IQRF OS 4.0 will bring some advanced security features (AES-128 encryption, randomly generated access keys, user can encrypt his access, etc.) to prevent your network from possible attacks.

The IQRF Alliance helped to promote those new security features at SECURITY 2017 conference. Mrs. Spurná presented detailed information about new update and its security features. The IQRF OS 4.0 will be available during the Spring 2017. "I was pleased to have opportunity to share hot news from IQRF networks. We all expect new release of the IQRF OS 4.0 highly focused on security." adds Mrs. Spurná.


List of speakers:

Download presentation: IQRF – reliable wireless mesh network for IoT

Photo gallery:


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IQRF Summit 2017 – early birds prices available until the end of March only!

01 March 2017

IQRF Alliance and partners invite you at a two-day summit where you can expect more than 30 interactive presentations and 12 hands-on workshops from the IoT field. You will find here real examples from areas of smart cities, smart buildings and homes, industry, security and transportation.

Among the presenters you will find representatives from companies such as Microsoft, O2, AAEON, NETIO products, MICRORISC, Aledo, Protronix, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX, RehiveTech and many others.


Date: June 7th to 8th, 2017

Location: Clarion Congress Hotel Prague



Solutions presented at the Summit are based on the IQRF technology, one of the leading wireless mesh networking technologies on the market. IQRF operates on sub gigahertz ISM bands to collect small data from devices and/or to control them. Extremely low power consumption of this platform enables devices to work on batteries for many years. There are hundreds of thousands devices running on this mature technology since 2008.

Among the topics presented you can find here solutions of parking, lighting, temperature monitoring with energy savings, sensory monitoring of indoor air quality, industry safety and much more.

One of the key topics presented here is a system for remote monitoring and management of an IQRF network through a gateway with installed client software. Monitoring data are sent to the back-end in a cloud to be processed and visualized and remote devices to be controlled. This solution enables operators to solve most of the necessary operating interventions remotely, including software upgrades and changes in a device configuration in the IQRF network. Experts in work with sensoric data, among other things, will show how you can work with gathered data in case of failure of connection to the Internet.

The Summit will host the final of the international competition IQRF Wireless Challenge III and authors of the best projects will present their solution to the professional public.

Moreover, there will be a networking event enabling informal meetings of all participants, discussion on interesting topics and establishing new business partnerships.



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Media partners

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Czech Innovation Week is a new media partner of the IQRF Summit 2017

01 March 2017

Czech Innovation Week is a nationwide week of events focusing on innovation with dozens of events throughout the Czech Republic. The main event is Innovation Summit in Prague.

It is one of the biggest events of the year focused on an innovation, advanced technology, artificial intelligence and a concept of smart cities. After the great success of the first year there will be the second edition. The Innovation Week aims to inform business, cities and also broader public with the latest global trends in the field of innovation and modern technology while promoting Czech innovations and inventions.


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Innovation Summit in Prague

The highlight of the week is the Innovation Summit Prague, the main event with the greatest media coverage and also participation. The part of it is professional all-day conference, with leading foreign and Czech experts, and the other part is a fair of subjects involved in area of innovations, innovative services and products. The Innovation Summit in Prague is held in Czech Institute of Informatics, Robotics and Cybernetics of CTU in Prague.


When: May 22nd – 27th, 2017

Facebook page:


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Worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge is supported by new partners

23 February 2017

The IQRF Alliance announced a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge III in the best new wireless applications. The contest closes on 21st May 2017 and the final competition of the best projects will be held at the IQRF Summit 2017, Prague in June 2017. The contest just joined new partners ranking among the most renowned technical companies.

The new partners are CETIN, O2 and Zyxel. CETIN is not only provider of mobile technologies but also of fixed SDH, WDM, Ethernet and IP technologies. O2 is a major integrated operator in the Czech Republic. Zyxel is global manufacturer of DSL and other networking devices located. The main sponsor is MICRORISC with a support of companies AAEON, Netio, Microsoft, and Protronix.

The major rewards include modern development tools from the world of wireless technologies and IoT. The best technicians may be offered a job. IQRF development sets and tools are available with 30% discount for all participants thanks to the program IQRF Smart School.

This contest is organized in cooperation with several European technical Universities and many respected expert journals and institutions. Ministry of Education Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic has involved this contest in the official list of important competitions that are beneficial to high schools and students.

For more information, go to


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New case study about remote network management

18 February 2017

Active remote management of the IQRF network is possible thanks to using a client software from RehiveTech. The software is installed on a Linux gateway and allows not only monitoring the network but also its management.

If you want to read the whole case study with all details, visit Case Studies section on our website.


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Registration for the IQRF Summit 2017 is running

17 February 2017

A two-day conference for users, developers, manufacturers and system integrators of IQRF Ecosystem. Demonstrations of real solutions and products in the field of Smart Cities, Smart Buildings, Smart Homes, industry, safety and transport based on the IQRF wireless technology. Presentations and workshops of partners as Microsoft, O2, AAEON, MICRORISC, Protronix, Aledo, NETIO products, IQ Home, CITIQ, DATmoLUX.

The IQRF Summit 2017 will be held in Clarion Congress Hotel Prague from June 7th to 8th.

Now you have opportunity to register for special early bird prices. Early bird prices are available until March 31st 2017.


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List of speakers, program and much more on IQRF Summit 2017


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