Wireless industrial lighting in JULI Motorenwerk Ltd.

Stop switching on all lights in the hall and save the costs significantly. Reliable MESH network using IQRF transceivers for controlling the lights ensures long-term operation without any problems.


The main goal of DATmoLUX was to provide a production hall lighting solution that would significantly reduce energy costs, enable automatic turning lights ON/OFF, be flexible in changing environment and layout, be easy to deploy not to affect production during installation and be very easy to use for supervisors and workers.


The complete solution consists of LED lights controlled by robust and reliable IQRF wireless mesh network, control unit with a touch screen for simple manual control and backend user interface that enables to set up sections, schedule, intensity and other parameters and to monitor consumption, worked hours, alarms etc.

As the result, the customer saves 70% costs with lower lighting power consumption, lighting control is 100% reliable and easy to use, installation didn't affect production at all, illumination quality was significantly improved and supervisors and workers learned how to control the lighting system in a matter of minutes.


The IQRF wireless mesh network enables easy installation, provides robust, reliable and secure communication even in a harsh and changing environment and brings scalability and interoperability so the wireless network can be enlarged with different products of IQRF Ecosystem.

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