Street Lighting - Slovakia

Robust and stable MESH network build on IQRF wireless technology is controlling lights in the village. Therefore the lighting system is economically and environmentally efficient.


Datmolux a. s. is a Czech company from Brno. We are developer and manufacturer of the SW and HW systems DATMO and DATMO radioCONTROL for street and industrial lighting. We are producing energy and cost saving projects in the area of street and industrial lighting. In addition, we also offer a pole testing that means our solutions involve complete maintenance services.


Smart cities should be economically and environmentally efficient. These days there are lot of out-of-date technologies in the cities despite the city government is trying to improve every aspect of the city. Nevertheless, they should not only add more features to make their city comfortable for living, but also optimize the old features and replace the old technologies with the modern ones. That is why the street lighting is often on the first place in improving schedule. Our products are based on the IQRF technology to ensure the best quality for customers.
The MSB system has been developed for monitoring the operational statuses of individual lamps. It is intended for lamps with both conventional electromagnetic gear and electronic gear. The system consists from two parts. The MSB-K concentrator is installed in the control unit of the CPU DATMO RVO switchboard while the MSB-C component is positioned in the lamp. The MSB-C component has a relay output for turning on/off the lamp and a digital output for the control of intelligent gears and monitors the current lamp status (on/off).


We have used the IQRF wireless technology in Smolník (Slovakia). There was need to cover 123 light points with DATMO street lighting system. Therefore, 2 switchboards were chosen for this project which is enough to control all the light points. The IQRF Mesh network created automatically through the discovery process is very stable and robust. It works from the first day without any problems. The DATMO street lighting system based on the IQRF technology helps to cut costs, improve efficiency and decrease power consumption.

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