Smart Parking

Time and cost efficient solution for the smart cities. Parking system based on IQRF wireless technology helps with a long term assessment of the parking sites and charging the fees.


The main goal of CITIQ was to monitor occupancy of streets in the Prague historical center. Due to frequent traffic jams and lack of parkings spaces in Prague, CITIQ decided to monitor number, length and speed of cars. The solution had to respect the regulations of historians.


The geomagnetic detector registers vehicle passage. The detector is in the ground and may take the form of cobblestones. Data is sent to a nearby collector, such as a traffic sign or a public light. They are then sent to the central server for further processing and analysis.

This solution results in alerts about delays in a given section of the road, occupancy information and data for further analysis and prediction. People are able to choose a better transport route depending on the load.


IQRF provides extra low power communication which enables up to 4 years of battery life time. More over thanks to full bi-directional communication sensors could be debugged and upgraded over-the-air without extra service costs. IQRF also provides secure and reliable communication even in cases of water or snow layer on the ground.

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