Remote IQRF network management system by RehiveTech

Active remote management of the IQRF network is possible thanks to using a client software from RehiveTech. The software is installed on a Linux gateway and allows not only monitoring the network but also its management.


In the world, there are many of communication technologies and protocols, these are here to support a concept of Internet of Things (IoT). On the one hand, people are using wireless sensor networks, which can include technologies such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, IQRF, ZigBee, Z-Wave, Lora and others. Some of these even allow the individual elements of the sensor networks to communicate with each other (e.g. IQRF), for example in order to increase the robustness and the availability of individual network elements. These elements are further connected through a central point, i.e. the gateway, to the Internet. This is to ensure that the data from each unit in a network are available from anywhere. Gateways then connects to the Internet via widely known technologies such as wired Ethernet, Wi-Fi or 3 / 4G network using a modem.
IoT solutions created with that in mind, e.g. Smart City projects (management of public lighting, parking regulation, monitoring of waste etc.), can be deployed at locations, where after the installation itself subsequent physical access is often complicated (public lighting posts or remote area) and therefore expensive. Possible need for further interventions into the IoT system for servicing, maintenance, reset, etc. is needed to be minimized or solved remotely from the management centre by operator of the IoT solution.
For remote monitoring, there are technologies and services that mostly can solve only basic monitoring (i.e. information about working/not working device or the monitored value is above/below a preset limit). For example, SNMP technology (Simple Network Management Protocol). Solutions of this type, however, are inadequate for operators of complex systems, because in the case of more complicated problems, there is still physical access needed. The solution of this limitation is remote management. This means allowing operators (e.g. based on the output of advanced monitoring) to actively and (what is important) remotely intervene.


One of the systems for remote management is a management system by RehiveTech. Czech spin-off company of Technical University in Brno. The key is in installing the client-part of software into the gateway based on a Linux system. Installation is performed via a pre-prepared installation package. Modified gateway reports required data to back-end cloud and allows to monitor not only itself, but also the elements of wireless sensor network that are connected to it. Currently the wireless sensor network supported by this system is the IQRF wireless technology invented by Czech company MICRORISC. In addition, according to the operators of IoT solutions themselves, RehiveTech management system allows you to actively manage the gateway and also devices connected to it. This solution enables operators to address most of the necessary operating interventions remotely, using web interface available for any type of device (computer, tablet or smartphone). This works not only for one gateway, but also for the defined group of devices (e.g. in case of the need to update multiple devices simultaneously).


Communication of client-part of software in RehiveTech management system with cloud-based back-end is secured by state-of-the-art encryption. Other safety features include the need to log into the system, option to set different permission levels, recording of individual operator interventions with history and last but not least the possibility to use the next level of encryption in settings or updates of managed gateway. During the design and subsequent implementation of the system it was also considered the concept of “Security-by-design”. Therefore, in RehiveTech management system it is not possible to get to the actual user data of IoT solutions (e.g. the intensity of public lighting in the area, etc.)

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